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In the First Module (suggested schedule: one-two weeks)

We will work to establish your safe space. This space will Shelter you as you do this important work. Transformation is an on-going process. There is no “end-game”… You have the power to designate a safe place to allow your own transformation to occur. Topics, Re-usuable Worksheets and activities include:

  • Fortress for a Naked Thing Recap and Reference from the Art For Arachnoiditis Project 
  • Tools to Build Your Own Shelter
  • If You Build it You Can Go There

In the Second Module  (suggested schedule: one-two weeks) 

We find out more about the Power of Joy, finding it, naming it, and knowing it. Re-usuable Worksheets and activities include: 

  • Joy Is Powerful with printable worksheet
  • Grace Happens ~ Your Assignment Should You Choose To Accept It
  • Quick DIY art journal instructions 

In the Third Module  (suggested schedule: two-three weeks) 

We explore individual Adaptability. Here you will find tools that will help you Assess and Improvise to Overcome your obstacles to Wellness. Topics, Re-usuable Worksheets and activities include: 

  • The Adapt-Around Art Activity and Metamorphosis Mandala
  • Adaptability Assessment and Time Management Tool
  • Adapting for YOUR body Guidelines
  • Your Assignment Should You Choose to Accept It ~Cuts Like a Knife (48 Hour Challenge also pertains to Module Five)

In the Fourth Module  (suggested schedule: three weeks) 

We go deep into finding out what is stopping you from being sovereign over the shape of your life. You will have the opportunity to work through tasks and activities that will help you to establish your Autonomy. Topics, Re-usuable Worksheets and activities include: 

  • Sovereignty Over the Shape of Your Life
  • Un-masking the Naked Truth~Mask-making Art Activity with printable templates
  • Your Vision of Autonomy
  • Let's Talk About Control
  • Shape-Shifters Creative Focus Art Activity with link to demo video

In the Fifth Module  (suggested schedule: three-four weeks) 

We ask and answer the important question, “How do you nourish your Wellness?” Quality input, communication, and connections are equally important Sustenance for Independent Wellness. Topics, Re-usuable Worksheets and activities include:  

  • Cuts Like a Knife ~ Revisiting the 48 Hour Challenge
  • Quality Input ~ Creating the Right Tools to Feed YOUR Wellness
  • FIVE Steps to Create the Tools
  • ONE Shed the Crap~Fertilize Your Transformation w/printable activity sheet and Cut-out template
  • TWO   Replacing the Crock of Crap~Lessons in Love-based choices and Vessels for Wellness for Body, Mind, and Spirit~printable worksheet and Extension Activity, Ingredients List for my anti-inflammatory menu 
  • THREE Connecting the Dots ~ Cultivating an Appropriate Habitat 
  • FOUR    Your "Right" Cluster ~ How to establish your Cluster. cluster Cards for Creative Guidance Includes Message Guide and Cluster Cards printable templates to color and cut, instructions for Cluster Cards Mobile (extension art activity), Creating your Own Cluster
  • FIVE Clustered Communication ~Expectations and Connections 
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